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Focus Magic is available for both Windows and Mac. You can use all the features available in Focus Magic on up to ten images before needing to register.

Focus Magic for Windows

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Focus Magic for Mac

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Version 4.02  (2.8MB)

Version 4.02  (1.2MB)

For Windows 95 to Windows 8 (32-bit & 64-bit)

See also:  Supported Windows Programs


For Mac OS X 10.6 + (64-bit)

See also:  Supported Mac Programs


What's New in Version 4 for Windows?

Version 4 is now available as a 32-bit and a 64-bit plug-in for Windows. It also includes some improvements to the 32-bit stand-alone version and the auto-detect. If you have used the 32-bit version before and you are running a dual core or quad core computer, you will see a two fold or four fold improvement in speed (supported Windows programs).

What's New in Version 4 for the Mac?

Version 4 includes improvements to the blur auto-detection.  It runs significantly faster and works on all 64 bit versions of Photoshop (supported Mac programs). It also works with Retina displays.

How Can I Install Focus Magic for the Mac?

Download the Mac version (above), then move the "" file to the appropriate install path for your image editing software. The install paths are listed on the supported Mac programs page. The Mac OS will automatically extract the plug-in for you (do not double-click the .plugin file).

Free Upgrades for Registered Users

If you're already using Focus Magic, then you'll be happy to know that upgrades are free. To upgrade to the latest version, click the appropriate "Download" button (above) for your system.

System Requirements

To find out if Focus Magic will work on your computer, please see the System Requirements page.

"I just wanted to say I've been working with your program now for about 10 hours, and I must say it is the most spectacular and the most helpful software I own, and believe me I own them all. Like I've said, I have been a working pro photographer for well over 45 years with collectors and stock libraries all over the world and I take extreme pride in my images. Your software has taken my work to new heights in clarity that I thought could never be achieved without shooting very large format. I've sold your program to other pro's and will continue to tell the world." - Laurin Rinder