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My daughter's wedding photographs all came out blurred. The photographer refused to do anything to correct the issue. I downloaded your product and was able to transform her pictures. This is an excellent product. I will recommend it to everyone I speak with.
Michael Ronda
Just a note to say how valuable Focus Magic is to me in the restoration of old photographs. I’m a local historian, documenting and recording the local area, using old photographs. Sometimes, all we have are badly-printed originals from old magazines or books. I’ve discovered houses around here that are still lived in that date back to Anglo-Saxon times. With a judicious use of focussing, despeckling, defocusing and increasing resolution, the detail we need to see eventually just pops out. Incredible. Sometimes we have to leave it to cook for an hour but it is always worth it. The end result is that we are able to use these images to show to the general public (e.g. Facebook) to foster their appreciation of what we have.
Several years ago I tested FocusMagic v4 against every other product I could find that claimed focus correction w/ noise reduction. At that time FM outperformed all the competition. From what I can see in this demo v5 has made major improvements! It looks now like it even could be used as a good basic noise reduction even if focus isn’t a major issue. It looks like v5 will again take on all the current competition! Great job! 🙂
AMAZING!... I have always told students in the past that you can fix almost anything if you don't shoot it right, but "out of focus, out of luck"... that is no longer true!
Bill Tucker
I've been using Focus Magic for quite a few years. I'm one of those people who tries several different products before I settle on the one that's best for my needs. Focus Magic was the absolute best image sharpening tool I could find when I first bought it. And, now, after the introduction of several other "new and advanced sharpening tools", Focus Magic is still the best one out there.
Keith Levkoff
I'm a professional photographer... astrophotographer actually... who has been through just about every sharpening algorithm that's out there. Yours is the only one capable of actually "reconstructing" detail lost from atmospheric turbulence. Thank you for coming up with this. When properly used with masks it's very effective.
Tony Hallas
Still a terrific program. I just 'sold' my local police force on purchasing a copy!
Riki B
I've been using your software for a long time and really love it. Thanks for making it! FYI, a while back I was restoring some old photos and in one case I had a big, old negative that was blurry, due to a bad, old fashioned lens. Now, probably 80 to 100 years later, Focus Magic was able to restore it better than ever! No surprise here, I just thought it was amusing that information (details) we thought were missing for such a long time could be reclaimed a century later! Quite a product. Congratulations on doing such a great job and we wish you every success in the future! You deserve it!
W. K. Larsen
Your software is the most incredible I've used!!! NO other sharpening software even comes close. When I upgraded to 64 bit CS6 I was broken-hearted I couldn't use Focus Magic. NOW I'm very happy.
David F
Your software is simply amazing! I use Photoshop daily in my photography and photo restoration business. I was intrigued by your demo and then I was convinced after just one use! An important photo that I thought was lost is now ready for publication. No tools or filters in Photoshop could bring it back, but your software did. Thank you for this amazing tool that I am thrilled to have in my bag of tricks.
Elyn Zerfas
This is an incredible product. I take thousands of pictures through my pathology microscope with a Sony digital camera. This product does a beautiful job of clearing up the blurry histopathologic photographs. I do a lot of PowerPoint presentations at meetings and seminars so this is a tremendous breakthrough. The sharpen features on imaging products is okay but not great - this product is GREAT! I will now be downloading the Mac version as well, since I use both systems daily.
Dr. Ted Clark
Seldom if ever do I comment on software, the reason being is that usually they do not deliver all the advertisements claim. Almost without exception they fall short of what they say they can do, so much so I have come to expect less than promised. Focus Magic however, has proven to be different. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with your product. It performs better by far than I expected. Keep up the good work, it was worth every penny I paid for it!
Wayne Harman
Your software is absolutely 'Magic'. I scanned several old family pictures, and am astounded by the improvement in them by putting them through Focus Magic. An excellent product. Will there be upgrades? If so, will you notify me? Great product - if you require commendations for advertising purposes, please contact me. I will most certainly recommend your product to anyone who uses computers for digital pictures.
Rodney Taylor
Your software really does great things: I didn't hesitate to buy it after a day of testing.
Stanislav Pachvykin
Of the image enhancement tools I have tried, Focus Magic is clearly the best. The demo software works very well and I am interested in using it as part of my work flow. Thanks for your assistance. You have a great product.
John Grundman
Saw the article in the New Zealand Herald. Having been a professional photographer for 20 years and Photoshop exponent since version 2, I have often contemplated the short comings of unsharp masking and the concept that your software appears to encompass. Top marks.
Robin Hodgkinson
I use Focus Magic on every picture I print to sharpen at 1 pixel. Even though I use Sigma Digital camera, lens costing over £500 and Photoshop that 1 pixel sharpening just adds that little extra to the picture !!
John Short
This is the best software, I would be lost without it.
David Hess
When I used it I said 'Wow'.
Ian Rex
Great product. I use it often with restoring old family photos which include those printed on tin.
John Feeney
I don't know how I survived without this program. I love watching fuzzy images turn clear.
Rosalee Grable
I was delighted with the precision I could achieve using the product and its ease of use. As mentioned in other articles, the software takes its time, but I found it well worth the wait.
Steven Pynes
I just wanted to congratulate your company. Focus Magic is a fantastic program. I've fixed photos that were out of focus, that were so bad I normally just throw away as I don't ever want to see them, and positively don't want anyone else to see blurred photos that I have taken. I occasionally run across an old blurry photo my wife has kept. These are photos that were made from negatives and my wife kept, saying (this is the best we have of a certain person). I would have thrown those away years ago if I had seen them first. But now I have used Focus Magic on them. It's fantastic the improvement in the photo. Everyone that takes photos and edits them should have Focus Magic. I love Focus Magic!
Gary Maynor
I do wildlife photography (mostly birds), and have taken about 700,000 photos. I’m not sure when I first got Focus Magic, but it was years ago, and since getting Focus Magic, all of my photos worth keeping have been processed using Focus Magic. I get lots of compliments on my photography, and when asked how I get such good photos, I always recommend Focus Magic.
Marshall Faintich
I absolutely love Focus Magic. I use it on almost every photo I take and now with Version 5.0 it just got even better. Thanks again for designing such a great program.
Larry C.
I've be a professional wildlife photographer for over 30 years. At first, I thought the "out of focus" feature was the prize. Now, I realize the "motion blur" app is the real pearl. Amazing! Has salvaged so many images for me. Again, remarkably useful software!
Clair Kofoed
Wow! I just downloaded and tried Focus Magic..holy smokes!! Great software!
Noel Kleinman
I seldom write testimonials but Focus Magic deserves one. I have been using the product for a number of years and have also tried those of your competitors. FM has become a standard part of my photo workflow. I almost always use it for a bit of touch-up on most images - even those in focus (which is most of them) because I find for a variety of optical reasons there probably is no such thing as an image that can't be improved with your process. I frequently use "Topaz Labs" plugins and they have "Infocus" claiming to do what FM does but it isn't even close while being much more prone to leaving processing artifacts behind. I can't imagine being serious about photography and not having FM.
Garth K
I just downloaded Focus Magic. Wow! What a program! I ran it parallel to three other sharpeners, which do a satisfactory job, but you blew them away. Thanks so much for making such a great program available!
George Tate Jr.
I am very pleased with Focus Magic Out-of-Focus Blur and Motion Blur, which I have installed in PS6. I am in the process of scanning and editing about 3,000 old slides and prints, to digitize them. I am currently working on 50 yr old Kodachrome II (25) slides scanned at 3,200 dpi. I apply Out-of-focus Blur to virtually all edits with very good results, and Motion Blur, where necessary, also with impressive results.
Paul Akerhielm
I'm not one to 'rave' about utilities, etc. because so many are never that useful. This one is. So if I'm embarrassing myself, I don't mind.
Mike Sparks
A recent near-disaster on assignment gave me the chance to try Focus Magic. It is absolutely THE best tool I've ever used. Thanks to my good friend and colleague, Joe Farace, your product is saving my butt big time. Several photographs were out-of-focus from this gig. I'm still testing, re-testing, searching every known possible cause, including photographer error, to figure out the focus problem. In the meantime, I wasn't sure how to salvage the job. Joe told me to try your demo to see the difference between it and unsharp mask. I appreciate the technical descriptions and visual examples on your website, and most of all, am amazed at the results. Providing the ability to test up to 10 images for free is very generous and convinced me to register my copy, fix my problem photographs, and stop worrying about this job.My photographs are now in sharp focus without pixelization or other artifacts. Not only do they look good on screen, but the prints popping out of my Epson 4000 are great. Thanks so much.
Barry Staver
Master Photojournalist & Pulitzer Prize Recipient
If 'Focus Magic' isn't part of your 'digital workflow', it should be. Many digital images from a variety of digital cameras appear soft or out-of-focus, mainly due to the digital processing functions of a particular camera's image processing ability. 'Focus Magic' miraculously overcomes the inability of many cameras to produce vibrantly sharp image with excellent results, through an easy to use, intuitive program interface.'Focus Magic' integrates well with Photoshop as an entry in the filters menu. Forget about using Photoshops Unsharp Mask feature to sharpen your images. The difference between using 'Focus Magic' as the sharpening tool of choice and any other third party software or Photoshop action for retrieving the detail in images is noticeable, no, make that remarkable!Let the free download to 'try before you buy', the results achieved through the trial period and great customer service convince you that 'Focus Magic' will be an essential part of your digital processing work flow as well.
Robert Beck
In adding forensic anthropology to my photo retouching business, I looked into the expensive one-stop forensic software packages sold to police departments. These programs are useful because the programs do so many tasks (focusing is just one), but every one I tried was inferior to Focus Magic in sharpening images.
Janis Paris
Wow, I just registered Focus Magic. The reason why is because it brought out the eye of a bird in flight that wasn't there at all before. With my image stabilized lens and your program, my handheld pictures went from 10% to about 80% usable. Great job!
D. Wagner
I just wanted to say I've been working with your program now for about 10 hours, and I must say it is the most spectacular and the most helpful software I own, and believe me I own them all. Like I've said I have been a working pro photographer for well over 45 years with collectors and stock library's all over the world and take extreme pride in my images. Your software has taken my work to new heights in clarity that I thought could never be achieved without shooting very large format. I've sold your program to other pro's and will continue to tell the world.
Laurin Rinder
I tried your demo and was very impressed. I have been looking for a focus corrector for some time. I just registered and am looking forward to using the product.
Dustin Huntington
It was recommended by a friend. I have tried various other products to fix blurry photos but Focus Magic was the only one that actually worked. The results are amazing!
Jeffrey Pages
It is unmatched in its accomplishments.
Campbell Robinson
This product does what it promises... it makes life with graphics a whole lot easier.
Rick Mayne
Let me say that Focus Magic is an amazing bit of programming. I like and use Focus Magic as a stand-alone product and as an plugin for image editors like Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro.
James Budrakey
This is a brilliant program, and by far the best of those I've tried.
James Marshall

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