Image Examination Order Form

The staff at Focus Magic do not examine images for free and only examine images that have been paid for in advance using this order form and:-

  1. The client agrees that the payment amount of US$50 is for the time spent on the image, not for getting a satisfactory result.
  2. The client understands that Focus Magic recovers information by undoing blur, but if there is no blur (ie. the image is of a low resolution or too few pixels) then no information can be recovered
  3. The client will submit the image(s) or video by email or if they are large, send them using a service such as Digital Pigeon or We Transfer.
  4. For confidentiality reasons, all correspondence must be with one email address (the one used below)
  5. When the staff at Focus Magic give their assessment, they will only reply to one more email and if more correspondence is required then it will be done for US$10 for each email
  6. The client will not ask for a refund
  7. Payment of order is acceptance of these terms

After clicking “Place Order”, you will be redirected to PayPal to process your order securely.

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