Catalina Users

How to Add an Exception for Focus Magic

Catalina is more strict than previous OS releases and may block Focus Magic from working initially.  If the plugin is being blocked, follow these steps to add an exception:-

  1. In “Finder” on your Mac, locate the “FocusMagic64.plugin” file
  2. Control-click the plugin icon, then choose “Open” from the shortcut menu
  3. Then when a dialog appears, click “Open” again
  4. This will open Photoshop (or your image editing app) which you then need to close down again

The exception will now work and Focus Magic will appear under the “Filters” menu in Photoshop next time you start it.

NOTE:  If the above steps don’t work, disable your firewall, then try the steps again.  Alternatively, refer to these steps on Apple’s website.