You can defocus (blur or soften) an image by varying amounts (up to 20).  The defocusing filter is different to Guassian Blur filters in that it accurately mimics the way an image gets out of focus.

The defocusing filter is available in the stand-alone program but is not yet available as a plug-in.

Original image
Original Image
Defocused image by 6 pixels
Blur Width = 6
Defocused image by 12 pixels
Blur Width = 12
"Focus Magic is a remarkable piece of software. It's an honest-to-God real sharpening algorithm that works as a stand-alone program or a Photoshop plug-in. I'll spare you the math about how it works. What's important is that this is not a mere edge-enhancement routine like most so-called sharpening filters; this one actually undoes the blur."
Ctein (Photographer & Author)
Photographer, artist, author