Fixing Motion Blur

Here we demonstrate the power of Focus Magic in it’s ability to re-sharpen images which have motion blur.  The settings used to sharpen these images are displayed when your place your mouse over the image.

Example 1

Fixing motion blur (before)
Fixing motion blur (after)

With this image, the camera was moved in a direction shown by one of the arrows.  Edges which go in the same direction are in focus (eg. the top left hand edge of the dome at the top of the hat), but all other edges have a double edge.  This image was fixed using a Blur Direction of 45 degrees, and a Blur Distance of 9 to produce the image on the right.

Example 2

Comet (after)

In this image, the stars have become streaks of light.  Focus Magic restores the streaks back to the dots they should have been.

Example 3

Motion blur example (before)
Motion blur example (after)

In this image, a tennis racquet in front of a bicycle wheel is all blurred, but is restored using Focus Magic to make a sharp image.  See the Tutorials page for more on this image.

See also the Forensics page for more examples.

"Focus Magic is a remarkable piece of software. It's an honest-to-God real sharpening algorithm that works as a stand-alone program or a Photoshop plug-in. I'll spare you the math about how it works. What's important is that this is not a mere edge-enhancement routine like most so-called sharpening filters; this one actually undoes the blur."
Ctein (Photographer & Author)
Photographer, artist, author