Image Source Settings

Focus Magic has different focusing strengths which are determined automatically from the “Image Source” setting. Digital camera images can be restored using a higher strength than conventional (film) cameras. This is because digital camera pixel values are more accurate. By the time a conventional camera image has been captured on a negative, developed into a print and then scanned in, the pixel value’s accuracy is greatly degraded. Where a digital camera goes straight from an image to a CCD, a scanned conventional camera image goes through two extra chemical processes which introduce both grain and inaccuracy.

The Focusing Strengths of the different “Image Source” settings are as follows:-

The “Image Source” setting also takes into account the non-linear properties of the image capturing device (a conventional film is more non-linear than a digital camera CCD).

Note that the “Image Source” also sets typical values for Random Noise (grain) and Shot Noise (dust and scratch removal) which Focus Magic uses to correct the image optimally for that type of image.

If you take a picture with a digital camera which is grainy (e.g. when the picture is taken in low light) then you might get better results by using the “Conventional (Film) Camera” setting.

You can experiment with the different focusing strengths to get the best result.

"Focus Magic is a remarkable piece of software. It's an honest-to-God real sharpening algorithm that works as a stand-alone program or a Photoshop plug-in. I'll spare you the math about how it works. What's important is that this is not a mere edge-enhancement routine like most so-called sharpening filters; this one actually undoes the blur."
Ctein (Photographer & Author)
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