Increase Resolution

The “Increase Resolution” filter is commonly used to print large prints from small images.  It first doubles (or quadruples) the width and height of the image to produce the “Intermediate” image (see below), and then uses advanced interpolation techniques to remove the “pixelated” effect.  For a low resolution image, it produces a much better result than simply increasing the image size through Photoshop or similar image editing apps.

There are three different filter types: Normal, Harder and Softer.  If you have a high quality picture, you can choose Harder.  If you have a low quality picture, you should choose Softer.

The Increase Resolution filter is available in the stand-alone program but is not yet available in the plugin.

Low resolution image
Low resolution image
Image after increasing resolution
"Focus Magic is a remarkable piece of software. It's an honest-to-God real sharpening algorithm that works as a stand-alone program or a Photoshop plug-in. I'll spare you the math about how it works. What's important is that this is not a mere edge-enhancement routine like most so-called sharpening filters; this one actually undoes the blur."
Ctein (Photographer & Author)
Photographer, artist, author