IrfanView - Windows Install Notes

Currently only the 32 bit version of IrfanView works with Focus Magic.

  1. Download and Install the IrfanView 32 bit Windows Installer
  2. Download and Install the All Plugins – IrfanView 32 bit Windows Installer  (adds its own plugins and the ability to run Photoshop plugins)
  3. Download and install Focus Magic Version 5  (will put the Focus Magic Plugin into the correct location)
  4.  Run IrfanView (brown teddy bear icon) and open an image
  5. Click on the “Image” drop-menu at the top, click “Adobe 8BF PlugIns” and click “Filter dialog …”
  6.  If “Fix Out-of-Focus Blur” is not listed, click “Add 8BF Filters (Files)” and select FocusMagic.8BF from the folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\IrfanView\Plugins”
  7.  Double click on “Fix Out-of-Focus Blur” or “Fix Motion Blur” to launch the Focus Magic plugin