Focus Magic Tutorials

These tutorials explain how to use Focus Magic in detail.  You can choose to either read the tutorial as an article or watch a video presentation.

To watch the video presentations, you’ll need to have Adobe FlashPlayer installed with your sound turned on.  We’re currently in the process of updating the video tutorials so some will play in your browser without the need for FlashPlayer.

Tutorial 1 – Determining the Type of Blur

It is important to determine the type of blur first before you do anything else.

This video gives a good overview of Focus Magic.

Comet (before and after)

Tutorial 2 – Motion Blur – Fixing Streaking Stars

This picture of a comet has stars in the background which have become streaks of light. Focus Magic restores them back to the dots they should have been.

Tutorial 3 – Motion Blur – Where Are Those Architraves

This example shows how lost detail can be recovered.  The image has motion blur at about 45 degrees (see the streak in the bottom left hand corner of the Before image).  The architraves which were unrecognizable in the before image can now be seen quite clearly.  The streak has become a dot.

Comparison of blur correction

Tutorial 4 – Motion Blur – Anyone for a Game of Tennis?

It is a bit more difficult to identify the type of blur in this image, but the presenter puts his Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass into action to repair this image.

Tutorial 5 – Out-of-Focus Blur – Circles of Light

This tutorial explains how the blur width can be accurately determined from “Circles of Light”.

Tutorial 6 – Focusing Part of an Image

In this example the mans eye is restored back to what it should have been. The glint in his eye has become a smaller point of light.

Forensics image recovery

Tutorial 7 – Forensics – Getting the Most Detail

This tutorial shows how to get the most detail out of an image, whether it is for forensic purposes or just your own family photos.