Focus Magic Tutorials

These tutorials explain how to use Focus Magic in detail.  You can choose to either read the tutorial as an article or watch a video presentation.

Determine the Type of Blur

Before sharpening an image, it is important to determine the type of blur.

This video also gives a good overview of Focus Magic.


In this tutorial we will be focusing an image which has multiple amounts of blur.  In this case the ferris wheel in the background stays sharp, but the face in the foreground is sharpened. Auto-Focus is now the preferred way of fixing out-of-focus blur.  It is generally more accurate, less noisy and handles depth-of-field better.

Focus Manually

In this tutorial we will be focusing the faces of the people in the foreground and defocusing the background (inverting the depth-of-field).

Comparison of blur correction

Repair Motion Blur

It is a bit more difficult to identify the type of blur in this image, but the presenter puts his Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass into action to repair this image.

Increase Resolution

The most common use of this filter is to remove the jagged edges from images that are of a low resolution and need to be enlarged.

Forensics image recovery


This tutorial shows how to get the most detail out of an image, whether it is for forensic purposes or just your own family photos.