Auto-Focus (Windows Only)

Image with background in focus and foreground out of focus

Auto-Focus is better than manual focusing in most cases because:-

  1. It is easier to use
  2. No exact Blur Width needs to be determined
  3. It is better at handling images which have a depth of field (multiple blur widths)
  4. Auto-Focus is generally more accurate and less noisy

Notice that Auto-Focus has detected that the background is sharp, and therefore has not sharpened it (very much), but the foreground which is blurred has been sharpened significantly.

Auto-Focus has three Blur Amounts:-

  1. Low – processes Blur Widths from 1 to 6   (fast)
  2. Medium – processes Blur Widths from 1 to 12
  3. High – processes Blur Widths from 1 to 18  (slow)


When you open an image, Focus Magic auto-detects the Blur Amount, but you may want to experiment a little.  Simply click on an area that you want to focus.  Focus Magic will focus that small area using the current filter settings.  Adjust the ‘Blur Amount’ up or down until you get the best result.  Changing the ‘Blur Amount’, automatically updates the preview image.  Repeat the process for a few different parts of the image.


Important Note About Depth of Field

If your image has a depth of field where the background is blurred, and you use a ‘High’ Blur Amount then you may end up sharpening the background when actually you want it to stay blurred.