Motion Blur Tutorial

Fixing Streaking Stars

With this image of a comet it is easy to identify that it has motion blur with the stars becoming streaks of light. It is also easy to see the blur direction and measure the blur distance, so this is a great image to start off with.


First zoom into the image, right down to the pixel level, so that you can count the blur distance as shown below.

Zooming into a single star

The blur distance is 6 pixels (count the number of pixels in the streak and subtract 1 more). The blur direction looks almost vertical, but leaning a little to the right.

We then select “Fix Motion Blur” from the Focus Magic menu and enter in a Blur Direction of 85 degrees and a blur distance of 6. The image source can be left at “Conventional Camera”.

Hey Presto, the image will be fixed as shown below.

Comet (before and after)

If you want to experiment, you can download the whole image from here.