What's New in Version 6.0

Improvements That Have Been Made

Another two and a half man-years of research and development has been put by our developers into creating Version 6 which is now available for Windows.  The Mac version is still under construction. The main differences are:-

1. The New Focusing Algorithm Produces a Cleaner Output

For the Focusing filter, Focus Magic now uses pattern matching rather than deconvolution (maths) to undo the blur of a photo.  This produces a cleaner and more natural looking output which has fewer artefacts (distortions).  The Motion Blur algorithm is the same as Version 5.  If you want to run the old Version 5 logic then you can do that as an advanced option by Ctrl-clicking under the “Remove Noise” control.

Version 5
Version 6

License Plate

2. A New Filter "Auto-Focus" Has Been Added

With “Auto-Focus”, you can sharpen an image without having to determine the Blur Width first.  The output quality is usually a little less, but it is “Hands Free” and will do a good job with most moderately blurred photos.

3. The Increase Resolution Filter has been Improved Substantially And Is New For the Photoshop Plugin

You can now increase the resolution of an image either X2 (200%) or X4 (400%).   Where before this filter was only available to the Windows stand-alone program, it is now also available to the Photoshop plugin.

It now has an option of dealing with “halos” which are a side effect of in-camera sharpening.

I absolutely love Focus Magic. I use it on almost every photo I take and now with Version 5.0 it just got even better. Thanks again for designing such a great program.


I do wildlife photography (mostly birds), and have taken about 700,000 photos. I’m not sure when I first got Focus Magic, but it was years ago, and since getting Focus Magic, all of my photos worth keeping have been processed using Focus Magic. I get lots of compliments on my photography, and when asked how I get such good photos, I always recommend Focus Magic.

Marshall Faintich