What's New in Version 6.1

Improvements That Have Been Made

Another three and a half man-years of research and development has been put by our developers into creating Version 6.1 which is now available for Windows.  The Mac version is still under construction. The main differences are:-

1. The New Focusing Algorithm Produces a Cleaner Output

For the Focusing filter, Focus Magic now uses pattern matching rather than deconvolution (maths) to undo the blur of a photo.  This produces a cleaner and more natural looking output which has fewer artefacts (distortions).  The Motion Blur algorithm is however still the same as Version 5.

Version 5
Version 6.1

License Plate

2. A New Filter "Auto-Focus" Has Been Added

With “Auto-Focus”, you can sharpen an image without having to determine the Blur Width first.  Auto-Focus is now the preferred way of fixing out-of-focus blur.  It is generally more accurate, less noisy and handles depth-of-field better.

In this case the ferris wheel in the background stays sharp, but the faces in the foreground are sharpened.

3. The Increase Resolution Filter has been Improved Substantially And Is New For the Photoshop Plugin

You can now increase the resolution of an image either X2 (200%) or X4 (400%).   Where before this filter was only available to the Windows stand-alone program, it is now also available to the Photoshop plugin.

Photoshop Bicubic
4. Focus Magic can Now Deal with "Halos" Which Come from Digital Camera Sharpening

Nearly all “digital” cameras add halos as part of their “in-camera” sharpening.  The problem however is that the camera improves the perceived sharpness and not the actual sharpness.  It works by blurring the image slightly (a simple averaging operation), looking at how the pixels change, and then moving in the pixels in the opposite direction.  You could argue that by moving in the opposite direction of “more blur” you are getting “more sharpness”.

Zoomed In
Normal Size

Here you can see the halo around the man’s head but it is not visible when viewed from a distance.  It does however make the smaller (normal size) image look sharper.

If you open an image which has significant halos, Focus Magic will tell you and will recommend that you use the Increase Resolution filter.

I absolutely love Focus Magic. I use it on almost every photo I take and now with Version 5.0 it just got even better. Thanks again for designing such a great program.


I do wildlife photography (mostly birds), and have taken about 700,000 photos. I’m not sure when I first got Focus Magic, but it was years ago, and since getting Focus Magic, all of my photos worth keeping have been processed using Focus Magic. I get lots of compliments on my photography, and when asked how I get such good photos, I always recommend Focus Magic.

Marshall Faintich